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DEMARIN (Dewata Marine Indonesia), Manning & Recruitment is a manning/crewing agency that caters the services of highly qualified Indonesian workers for land-based operations, as well as for seafarers on board various types and sizes of vessels globally. Established to serve its clients internationally, the company is licensed to recruit qualified workers for international deployment, as well as crew for ocean-going vessels of all classes.

Aware that following the growth of human resources deployment, there is an increasing demand of capable and well trained personnel capable of meeting the needs and requirements of various operations and businesses. Our company which we named DEMARIN (Dewata Marine Indonesia) acts as a human resources provider for both land-based companies overseas, including the cruise ship industry. DEMARIN (Dewata Marine Indonesia) is licensed and registered with government approval. It was established and managed by dedicated professionals who have previous international employment and have acquired extensive experience in providing workers for international deployment and crew for the cruise industry.

Service first comes from the heart and reaches excellence once it has been polished throughout formal notice. Our main objective is to seek for, train, and develop potentially excellent and prospective person who have intensive experience on their line of work and preferably successfully worked in five stars international hotels.

We are dedicated in providing the highest quality crew in hotel department but also Deck and Engine personnel if required, many of which live in or close to Bali and Jakarta.

It is known fact that Indonesian labour providers count among some of the most successful and Bali, one of the thousands islands of Indonesia, is famous f